At WJ Henderson Optometrists our frame range extends from classic styles to more contemporary and designer brands such as Rayban and Emporio Armani.  Each of our frames is individually chosen with quality, comfort, and style in mind.  Our comprehensive range ensures we have frames to suit all budgets with complete spectacles including lenses starting from £59, or FREE with an NHS Voucher.

Choosing the right lenses for your prescription and frame is an important decision that our qualified dispensing opticians can help you with.  As an independent optical practice we have a wide range of lenses and lens options to suit your prescription and lifestyle.



Lens Options

At WJ Henderson Optometrists we have an extensive frame range with budget frames starting at £19 and designer frames from £59.  As an independent optical practice we also have the option to source frames which we may not currently stock.

Once you've chosen the right frame it's also important to choose the right lenses.  When choosing your lenses you should be aware of 3 main lens types

  • Single Vision - a lens with a single prescription across the entire area providing a single correction.  Suitable for near or distance use.

  • Bifocal - a lens where the upper part corrects for distance, and the lower part corrects for near.  A visible segment line separates the 2 prescriptions.

  • Varifocal - a lens which provides a smooth transition from distance to near correction.  These lenses have no visible segment line and can provide correction at all distances, including intermediate.  Also called Progressive or Multi-focal lenses.

Depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle you may also benefit from some of our lens options.


  • Thin and light lenses - for those with a higher prescription the use of high index materials can provide an improved appearance and increased comfort.

  • Anti-reflection coating - reduces the unsightly reflections from the surface of normal lenses and also reduces the reflections of oncoming headlights and other artificial lights.

  • Transition lenses - clear in artificial light but become tinted outdoors. They are excellent for people who do not want to change spectacles when the sun comes out.