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Free Contact Lens Trial

At WJ Henderson Optometrists we offer a free contact lens trial for those looking to try contact lenses for the first time.  The purpose of the contact lens trial is for you to: -

  • Experience the feeling of wearing contact lenses

  • Experience the clarity of vision when wearing contact lenses

  • Experience your lifestyle when wearing contact lenses

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There are 3 main steps to your trial: -

Step 1 – At your first trial appointment our optometrist will discuss with you your lifestyle, your visual needs, and your reasons for considering contact lenses.  They will also discuss with you the associated risks and benefits of contact lens wear.  Our optometrist can also fit you with some trial lenses which we keep in stock to allow you to ‘experience the feeling’ of having contact lenses in your eye. (Appointment duration 20 mins)

Step 2 – Trial lenses specific to your prescription and lifestyle requirements will be ordered and fitted at your follow up fitting appointment, this will allow you to ‘experience the clarity of vision’ that you may get from contact lenses.  Our optometrist will also provide you with contact lens insertion and removal training to ensure you are confident with this task. (Appointment duration 1 hr)


Step 3 – Once you are confident with contact lens insertion and removal, you will be given a set of free trial lenses to take away and ‘experience your lifestyle’ as a contact lens wearer.  A follow up aftercare appointment will be made to check the health of your eyes after your contact lens wearing period, and also to discuss your thoughts and experience and see whether you would like to take the next step and become a happy contact lens wearer.(Appointment duration 20mins)


If you do decide to become a contact lens wearer there are 2 options - Pay-As-You-Go or our Complete Care Scheme

With Pay-As-You-Go there is a professional fee of £45 to cover issuing you with a formal contact lens prescription and 12 months unlimited aftercare.  You can then purchase your contact lens products as and when you need them. 

Our Complete Care Scheme is a convenient way to spread the cost of wearing contact lenses.  The scheme allows you to pay monthly by direct debit for your contact lens products and professional aftercare.  Scheme members benefit from online-matched product prices, home delivery and discounts on glasses and sunglasses.

If you'd like to know more, or you'd like to book a contact lens trial appointment, then please get in touch.

(Online booking for free contact lens trial appointments is not yet available

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