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Ortho-K - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Night lenses suitable for everyone?

The lenses are not suitable for everyone but can be of benefit to those who are short sighted with a sphere power of less than 5 dioptres and a cylinder power less than 1.25.

What does treatment involve?


An initial consultation is required where our optometrists will assess your suitability based on your visual requirements and demands.  A corneal topographer is used to accurately measure and map the contours of your eye which is then used to manufacture individually tailored lenses.   

Once the lenses have been produced you will undergo a diagnostic lens trial where the lenses will be fitted and a further appointment arranged the next day to evaluate the refractive and topographic effect after 1 night's wear.    

Should the diagnostic lens trial be successful follow up visits will be scheduled after approximately 1 week of lens wear, and then again after 1 month.  This will allow our optometrists to further evaluate the refractive and topographic effect and to ensure you are satisfied with the treatment. 

As with regular contact lenses, annual contact lens checks are required to ensure continued suitability in terms of vision correction and comfort and to ensure your eyes remain healthy during lens wear.

What's the cost?

At WJ Henderson Optometrists we offer a free initial consultation to include refraction, topography, external ocular assessment of the eye including photography and discussion of the Nocturnal process.

Diagnostic lens trial - £90 : An evaluation of the refractive changes and corneal topographic changes that occur following a period of overnight wear. If successful then a longer wearing treatment programme commences.

Treatment programme - Several visits will be scheduled during the treatment programme. Visits will be individually set according to each individual’s needs but as a minimum would normally occur approximately one week after lens issue and again after one month.

Products and Aftercare - £37 per month by direct debit to include annual lens change, solutions as required, all aftercare consultations.

Further Information

For further information on Night Lenses, visit

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