Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Technology is advancing rapidly with the result being that today most prescriptions are now available in contact lenses.  Contact lenses are even available for those who may wear varifocal lenses or have astigmatism.

At WJ Henderson Optometrists we dispense contact lenses and solutions for all major contact lens brands including Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, Coopervision, Sauflon, and Bausch + Lomb.

Daily Disposable

Frequent Replacement

Rigid Lenses

Different types of contact lenses

  • Daily Disposable contact lenses are the best value for patients who wear their lenses infrequently, or for those who like the convenience of a fresh pair of lenses every day.  The principle benefit of daily disposable lenses is that they are discarded after wear.  They are useful when travelling or camping where hygiene may be an issue.  

  • Frequent Replacement contact lenses are the best value for patients who wear their lenses every day.  Rather than being discarded at the end of the day they have to be cleaned and stored in a lens case until their next use.

  • Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses (RGPs) provide superior vision to daily and frequent replacement soft lenses.  They are initially less comfortable to wear but in the longer term comfort improves and eye health may be better compared with soft lenses.  RGP lenses, with good care, can last for years if there is no prescription change.

At WJ Henderson Optometrists we use the latest digital equipment to ensure an initial accurate lens fit and to monitor your health during ongoing usage.    A Corneal Topographer allows thousands of points to be measured across your eye and convert these into a corneal map then used to produce contact lenses with the most accurate of fits.  The Digital Slit Lamp enables our optometrists to take digital photographs of your eyes providing them with a detailed view of vital health aspects. 


Contact lenses are available on a pay-as-you-go basis or through our Contact Lens Replacement Scheme providing  wearers with a range of additional benefits and a simple and convenient way to pay for their lenses, solutions, and aftercare.