Emergency Eye Care

Anyone who is worried about their sight or has problems with their eyes you should make an appointment with one of our optometrists.  You can do this without visiting your GP and as an NHS registered practice there will be no charge for this appointment*.

Many eye conditions are commonplace and in most cases our optometrists  will be able to relieve your symptoms or provide advice and reassurance. 

Common Symptoms

  • Sensitivity to light; painful red eye; foreign body such as grit

  • Changes in your vision; bloodshot eye with no pain; frequent headaches

  • Eye discharge or itch; infection in eye or eyelid; watery eye

Our optometrists work in partnership with the Hospital Eye Service, GP’s and local pharmacies.   Should you need medical treatment for an eye condition, we may refer you to the eye department at Perth Royal Infirmary or Ninewells hospital.  In the case of referral, our optometrists will ensure your GP is fully aware of your situation so that your central medical records are updated.


As Perth's only optician's practice with an optometrist qualified in independent prescribing we are also able to issue NHS prescriptions for eye medication. 

* Subject to status and funded by NHS Scotland.

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