Opticians in Perth



Our standard single vision lens providing a 


Our premium single vision lens 

Varilux Liberty


Our entry level multifocal lens range from the benchmark varifocal lens brand.

Varilux E Design

Our mid-range multifocal improves the wearer's peripheral vision by reducing swim effect by 50%. The perfect multifocal for wearers looking for easy adaption.

Varilux X Design


Our high-end multifocal allows patients to seamlessly capture every detail within arm's reach and beyond.  The perfect solution for wearers who need to multitask quickly and freely.

Varilux Digitime


Technological excellence and manufacturing ingenuity combined with true creative flair for eyewear allows STEPPER frames to be produced in the best materials, with unbeatable styling and almost infinite patterning and colouration

Varilux Road Pilot


Timeless and elegant ladies eyewear with contemporary-classic design accentuated with fine detail