Contact Lens Care

Contact Lens Technology is advancing rapidly with the result being that today most prescriptions are available in contact lenses.  If you are considering the use of contact lenses, either full-time or just occasionally, we offer free personal contact lens assessments and trials. More information on contact lenses >

After an initial fitting of contact lenses a cleaning routine and professional aftercare is extremely important.  A contact lens is a medical device which is in direct contact with living ocular tissue, professional aftercare will ensure that your particular lens, solution and fitting is the best on-going solution.

Free Contact Lens Trials


For some people contact lenses are a suitable alternative to spectacles but with a wide range of lens types and brands now available it's important to find out what meets your needs.  Our optometrists will assess your vision, examine the health of your eyes, get an understanding of your lifestyle and discuss the various lens options, and show you how to fit and look after lenses.  If contact lenses are suitable, free lenses will be issued to help with your decision.

Care & Cleaning

Good lens care and cleaning is an important factor in keeping your eyes healthy and reducing the risk of irritation and infection.  Always follow the lens wearing schedule as recommended by your optometrist and remember to wash, rinse and dry your hands before touching your contact lenses.  Monthly and planned replacement lenses should always be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before they are worn again.  Click here to view our guide to contact lens careWe would also advise that you avoid wearing contact lenses on long-haul flights as this will dry your lenses.

Professional Aftercare

When issued with contact lenses our optometrists will recommend a suitable aftercare schedule which will include an annual lens check and in some cases intermediate aftercare appointments.  These checks are required to assess the lens suitablity in terms of vision correction and comfort, and will also ensure that your eyes remain healthy during lens wear.  At the end of your annual lens check your optometrist will issue you with an updated contact lens prescription.  As a contact lens is a medical device, the law requires that contact lenses can only be issued to patients will a valid contact lens prescription.